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News Category: Storey-telling

Storey-telling: LAC Reception Area

Hello and welcome to Library and Archives Canada!   At the Wellington Street location in Ottawa, commissionaires are currently the first point of contact between users and the federal institution. Ādisōke will enable a mini-revolution in this regard: Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will have its own reception area, where its employees will be the greeters.  

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Storey-telling: OPL Library Express

Your library visitor style: Abebe Bikila or Usain Bolt? Do you think comparing Ādisōke visitors to these two running legends is a bit of a stretch? Think again! Ādisōke is home to the Central branch of the Ottawa Public Library (OPL). OPL’s main entrance, just across from the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) main entrance

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Storey-telling: Black Box Theatre

Shakespeare, Denis Arcand and Indigenous hoop dancers could be coming to Ādisōke Ādisōke is much more than a library! A group of Indigenous hoop dancers in the Ottawa region know all about it! Ādisōke’s “black box” theatre is the perfect place for them to get together and practice. The term “black box” refers to a

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Storey-telling: Auditorium

A single room, a thousand options: a theatre, a craft fair, a dance floor… you name it! The story is only just beginning for Ādisōke, the future Ottawa Public Library (OPL) and Library and Archives Canada (LAC) joint facility slated to open in 2026. Ādisōke, the Anishinābemowin word for “storytelling,” will feature spaces where visitors

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Storey-telling: Café

Grab a coffee with Margaret Atwood and Yann Martel! The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) and Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will be sharing a new facility, Ādisōke, slated to open in 2026. Ādisōke will be a place where visitors can experience unique encounters with renowned authors. You’ll even be able to sit down and have

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Storey-telling: Central Gathering Space

A Central Gathering Place Full of Possibilities Have you ever visited a majestic new building or public space for the first time and thought there was so much to see, you didn’t know where to look? That’s how you might feel when you enter the atrium of Ādisōke, the new Ottawa Public Library – Library

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Storey-telling: Exhibit Spaces

Historical treasures and stories from the community on display! What do a photo of Pierre Elliot Trudeau with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, a map drawn by Samuel de Champlain, a first-edition Anne of Green Gables, the patent for Armand Bombardier’s snowmobile and Ottawan artifacts all have in common? Ādisōke! Ādisōke will unquestionably offer more opportunities

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