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Ādisōke Spring Update

Floor-ious Progress on Ādisōke…

If you’ve passed by the Ādisōke project site recently, there’s a good chance you witnessed a beehive of activity as the building continues to grow into the sky! The site has been busy with several concrete pours, and significant progress has been made on the first three floors of the facility.

In April, the concrete work for the main level of the facility was completed, and work began on the second floor.

View from Albert Street of construction of the second floor of Ᾱdisōke (April 2023)
View from second level formwork overlooking the future atrium of Ᾱdisōke (April 2023)

In May, progress continued on the second level of the facility, and work on the level three skydeck began. Work also commenced on the feature staircase that will connect the main level (atrium) to the second level of the facility.

View of the second level slab at the location of the future feature staircase (May 2023)

Another notable event in May was our first guided tour around the project site. The Ādisōke Project Team participated in Jane’s Walk 2023, offering a tour to members of the public. The tour was a great success, and we look forward to offering more opportunities in the future for residents to check out the project site. Thank you to everyone who joined us!

Jane’s Walk guided tour (May 2023)

June continues to show progress as Ᾱdisōke rises higher into the sky. The third floor concrete work will soon be complete, and the fourth floor will soon start to be visible as you pass by the site.

View of the project site from Albert Street, showing progress on the third level (June 2023)
Aerial view of the project site (June 2023)


In the coming weeks, we will finish pouring the third level of the facility. By the end of summer / early fall, the remaining two floors will be poured, bringing us one step closer to opening day in 2026!


To celebrate the pouring of the floors of Ādisōke, we’re launching a “storey telling” series! This series will showcase some of the exciting features that will be offered on each level of the facility. Our first “storey telling” article is all about the Ādisōke atrium. You can read it here. Be sure to check back regularly to learn more about the other spaces and features that will be found on each floor!

Rendering of Ādisōke atrium


June is National Indigenous History Month and is a time to honour the diverse histories, vibrant cultures and languages of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. In Anishinābemowin Algonquin language, Ādisōke refers to the telling of stories. Learn a few construction vocabulary words in Anishinābemowin Algonquin language! Have a look at these six pronunciation videos from Anishinābe Algonquin Language Keeper Joan Tenasco. Check out our website to learn more.


Regular construction updates are now available on the project website, as well as our Ādisōke Twitter page. You can also receive these short updates directly to your email inbox. To register, please email with the subject line: “Construction update subscription.”


How tall will Ādisōke be once it’s finished?

Encompassing over 216,000 square feet, Ādisōke will have five floors and stand at a height of 100 feet (30 metres). The new building will feature shared spaces, such as the central gathering space, café, and large multi-purpose meeting areas, along with spaces devoted to specific uses of Ottawa Public Library and Library and Archives Canada.

The Indigenous outdoor terrace, located on the second floor, will offer spectacular views of the Garden of the Provinces and Territories, as well as the historic Fleet Street Pumping Station. In the summer, you’ll be able to watch kayakers and canoeists enjoying themselves on the Kichi Zìbì Ottawa River. To learn more about the spaces within Ādisōke, please visit

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