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Government of Canada Funding provides net zero carbon funding for the joint facility

In its Fall Economic Statement, the Government of Canada announced that it will provide funding that will support sustainability enhancements for a net zero carbon building.
Sharing a common goal of having a state-of-the-art facility, Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa Public Library and the City of Ottawa are proud that the joint facility will be an environmental leader and showcase of sustainable infrastructure design in the Nation’s Capital and across the country.

This funding will result in significant enhancements to the facility including:

  • upgraded building exterior and insulation;
  • triple-glazed windows;
  • solar panels on the building rooftop and imbedded in the building facade;
  • more sustainable building materials;
  • and a green wall on the interior of the facility.

In anticipation of this additional sustainability funding being secured, the Project Team and the architects have been exploring ways to enhance the building’s sustainability features including enhancements to achieve net zero carbon. As a consequence, there will be no delay to the project schedule resulting from these changes.

For Library and Archives Canada, it is the second major sustainable infrastructure project. It is currently building in Gatineau (Québec) a second preservation centre that will be the first federal building constructed to the requirements of Canada’s Greening Government Strategy.

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