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Storey-telling: Auditorium

Rendering of Ādisōke auditorium

A single room, a thousand options: a theatre, a craft fair, a dance floor… you name it!

The story is only just beginning for Ādisōke, the future Ottawa Public Library (OPL) and Library and Archives Canada (LAC) joint facility slated to open in 2026.

Ādisōke, the Anishinābemowin word for “storytelling,” will feature spaces where visitors can find all kinds of things to do, each activity more unique than the last. In fact, one room in the building is particularly suited to offering an almost-infinite range of experiences – the auditorium!

This multi-purpose space accessed from the main floor, can be morphed into whatever is needed at the time. It can seat over 250 people for a classical music concert, a screening of a highly anticipated movie, or a Q&A with a favourite author. Just picture leaving the auditorium and immediately being able to check out or reserve the latest book by the author you just saw, free of charge!

And then, poof! Just like magic, the retractable seats can disappear to make way for a dance floor, a craft fair!, a banquet hall or a public consultation space equipped with tables for workshops. This auditorium isn’t called the multi-purpose room for nothing.

The auditorium is where outside meets inside. With its floor-to-ceiling windows that span two storeys, the auditorium provides a breathtaking view of the public plaza and gathering spaces just outside. An equally stunning view awaits anyone enjoying a bit of fresh air nearby, who will be able to catch a glimpse of the action inside the auditorium. You’ll also be happy to know that these giant glass surfaces will be covered with patterns designed to help birds avoid collisions.

Ādisōke’s multi-purpose room also comes equipped with large canvas window coverings that can transform it into a more intimate space, creating a perfect setting for projecting one of the many films in LAC’s collection.

So come on by—we’ll save you a seat, or maybe a place to stand!

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