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Storey-telling: Black Box Theatre

Animated image of the black box theatre, with people sitting on chairs and an individual presenting at the front of the room.

Shakespeare, Denis Arcand and Indigenous hoop dancers could be coming to Ādisōke

Ādisōke is much more than a library!

A group of Indigenous hoop dancers in the Ottawa region know all about it! Ādisōke’s “black box” theatre is the perfect place for them to get together and practice.

The term “black box” refers to a large and empty space with high ceilings that allows for diverse room and stage configurations. Users can convert the space into various layouts: theatre-in-the-round, profile theatre, or standard theatre. In fact, this small room can adjust to just about every user’s wish.

Much like Ādisōke’s auditorium, its “little counterpart” is extremely versatile and attractive. Its moderate size and, more particularly, its warm, intimate setting is ideal for hosting smaller groups: dance groups, theatre troupes, and choirs, coming to hone their craft. This room is also equipped with a screen and can seat up to 80 spectators, so that community members can reserve it for conferences, assemblies, or media events.

How about we meet you there for an intimate interview with Denis Arcand on archival records? Or for the performance of Indigenous hoop dancers? Or even a slam night inspired by William Shakespeare’s work? To be or not to be in Ādisōke: that is the question!

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