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Storey-telling: Café

Ādisōke café / Café d'Ādisōke

Grab a coffee with Margaret Atwood and Yann Martel!

The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) and Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will be sharing a new facility, Ādisōke, slated to open in 2026. Ādisōke will be a place where visitors can experience unique encounters with renowned authors. You’ll even be able to sit down and have an espresso with them!

Well, almost. Visitors will have a cozy spot to curl up with a cappuccino and a book by these celebrated Canadian writers right there in the building itself.

Ādisōke, named after the Anishinābemowin word for “storytelling,” will have its own café on the ground floor. The café will welcome all crowds, from employees getting a caffeine boost to kickstart their day, to historians relaxing after a long deep dive into the national archives, as well as visitors treating themselves to a pastry, while reading Babette’s Feast.

The café is one of the many elements in Ādisōke’s design intended to create an enjoyable experience for visitors, in a place that is as serene as it is stimulating, as calm as it is buzzing with activity, as suited for introspection as it is for connection.

There’s no doubt that the café will become yet another reason for regulars to keep coming back to Ādisōke.

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