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Storey-telling: Genealogy Centre

A space for your personal journey of research and discovery! 

Whether you’re eager to learn more about local history, looking up an ancestor or searching for a genealogy expert, Ādisōke’s genealogy centre is sure to impress with its multiple spaces, which will appeal to new clients and researchers alike. 

Located on the second floor of the inviting five-storey building, this place will bring together the genealogy services and collections of the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) and Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in a single location. The centre will be able to reach new visitors, such as young people and newcomers to Canada. 

A one-of-a-kind space, the centre will have three different sections to appeal to the young and young at heart, passing visitors and experts carrying out research. There will be an orientation space, a research room and a multipurpose room.  

First, as you enter this space, you will be greeted in the perfect place to discover and explore the history of your family and community, and even fun facts like the name that was most popular in the year in which you were born.  And who knows, you might even feel like pursuing your own journey of research and discovery. But have no fear! If you know little or nothing about genealogy, the LAC and OPL employees will be happy to guide you. 

Equipped with large interactive touch screens, this will be an inviting open space to encourage people less familiar with genealogy to find out what it’s all about. Technology, incorporated into the space to enhance exploration, will create a user experience that is conducive to new discoveries, fresh perspectives and conversations.  

You’ll be able to participate in activities that will appeal to children and interest adults while helping them to explore the world of genealogy. You can also look up prominent people or buildings from your area. Whether it be a scavenger hunt or a family tree activity, this will be the perfect opportunity to learn more about your family history and the stories of other Canadians.  

As you move a little further in the centre, you’ll discover the research room, a more traditional space with a number of computer workstations and other tools for researchers to use. You can also explore the LAC and OPL collections of genealogical works. Here you’ll find a customized service that helps passing visitors to leave with something tangible about their family or community through quick searches. If you have more time, you can count on our on-site staff to help you with your research.  

A multipurpose room will complement the genealogy centre. Both LAC and OPL will host a variety of activities, events and workshops, for all levels of research. It will be a space for learning about, and engaging in, topics related to local, national, community and family history. The space can accommodate community groups, partners and clients alike. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll come away from your visit with a desire to delve deeper into your roots and learn more about the history of the places you visit every day! 


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