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“Artist on Design Team” chosen for OPL-LAC Joint Facility

UK-artist, Jason Bruges Studio has been awarded the “Artist on Design Team” commission for the Ottawa Public Library-Library and Archives Canada Joint Facility (OPL-LAC Joint Facility).
With over 17 years’ experience, Jason Bruges is an internationally acclaimed artist who creates stunning interactive art installations that blend art, architecture and technology. A master story-teller, Jason Bruges is excited to create an iconic artwork in the nation’s capital that will draw on local narratives while positioning the site as a national centre of design excellence.

His work has been commissioned by high profile institutions such as the V&A, the Natural History Museum in London, the Tate Modern and Tate Britain museums. In addition, the studio has built installations all over the world including Canada, the US, France, Germany, and China.

The “Artist on Design Team” commission for the joint facility was awarded by the City of Ottawa’s Public Art Program. Seventy-four national and international artists submitted their work for consideration during a two-stage competitive process.

As “Artist on the Design Team”, Jason Bruges will work collaboratively with the architectural team of Diamond Schmitt Architects and KWC Architects to seamlessly integrate public art and artistic enhancements into the project design and construction.

In addition, the studio will collaborate on the Indigenous Art and Placemaking Program, a separate art opportunity for the facility.

The commission budget for this project is $600,000. This budget includes all costs required to consult, collaborate, design, fabricate, store, transport and install the public art.

The public will be given an opportunity to meet artists from Jason Bruges Studio(link is external), view initial artwork approaches for the new joint facility, and give feedback at an upcoming Inspire555 public consultation in August.

Stunning examples of his work can be found in the images above and in video format (Nature Trail(link is external), Dichroic Blossom(link is external), Digital Ornithology(link is external), Life in the Dark(link is external), Bloomberg Connects(link is external), and Light Quadrant(link is external)). These links will redirect you to an external website with content available in English only for the purposes of highlighting examples of the artist’s’ previous works.

Art in City’s public spaces

For each major project at the City of Ottawa, its Public Art Program commissions artists’ works for display in public spaces. One percent of funds for municipal development projects are mandated for public art to enhance communal spaces and make art accessible to everyone.

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