ādisōke exterior. West view from Wellington Street.

Welcome to Ādisōke, the new Ottawa Public Library – Library and Archives Canada joint facility. 

Ādisōke will bring together the rich collections of a world-class public library and a national institution under one roof, giving life to the stories and histories that connect us. Set to open in 2026, this modern, sustainable facility with its iconic architecture will be a must-see destination in the National Capital Region.

Ādisōke is built on the traditional, unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinābe People, who have lived in the area since time immemorial. Since 2019, the Ādisōke Project Team has worked in close partnership with Elders and members of the Host Nation. The name Ādisōke means “storytelling” in Anishinābemowin Algonquin language.

Stories live here.


Ādisōke, the new Ottawa Public Library – Library and Archives Canada joint facility, will be located at 555 Albert Street (formerly 557 Wellington Street), at the edge of Lebreton Flats. The site overlooks the landscape of the Kichi Zìbì Ottawa River, a vital natural system in the heart of the city. It offers spectacular views of the escarpment, as well as the historic Fleet Street pumping station and aqueduct.

Ādisōke will be accessible by all modes of transportation. Connected through the Pimisi LRT station and nearby pathways, Ādisōke is a natural extension of the city’s downtown core.



Ādisōke café / Café d'Ādisōke

Storey-telling: Café

Grab a coffee with Margaret Atwood and Yann Martel! The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) and Library and Archives

Aerial photo of the Ādisōke facility

Ādisōke Construction Update – November 2, 2023

The Ādisōke project recently recached a major milestone: the completion of the pouring of all five floors! To

A concrete milestone: Ādisōke celebrates completion of floors

At an event today, Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, Councillor Matthew Luloff, Chair of the Ottawa Public Library Board, Chief

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