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Storey-telling: OPL Library Express

A row of five shelves in a library filled with books, with some people looking at the shelves and other people sitting at a table talking. There is a wooden public art installation on the ceiling and greenery in the background. There is also a little girl using a machine to check out her books. People with disabilities circulate in the Ottawa Public Library’s reception area.

Your library visitor style: Abebe Bikila or Usain Bolt?

Do you think comparing Ādisōke visitors to these two running legends is a bit of a stretch? Think again!

Ādisōke is home to the Central branch of the Ottawa Public Library (OPL). OPL’s main entrance, just across from the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) main entrance on the first floor, truly has something for everyone.

It is perfect if you are in a hurry or just swinging by to return a book. It is also great if you are picking up a book with your name on it—just grab it off the holds shelf, then scan your library card and out the door you go, in just a couple of seconds. Channel your inner Usain Bolt and ready, set, go!

Now, if you are more of a slow and steady type who believes consistency is key, you can also just take your time at Ādisōke whenever you get the chance. Sit around, read up on a subject you are interested in, catch up with the news, sip on a warm cup of coffee. We have newspapers, the latest magazines, CDs and DVDs, story time events and new titles (including all the hot releases!) for retirees, teens, and families to enjoy at their own pace. You can also use our computers to go online or to browse the OPL collections. If you see a library visit as more of a marathon than a sprint, feel free to follow in the (famously bare) footsteps of Abebe Bikila and stick around for hours on end.

The interior design for this bright, welcoming, and user-friendly area will draw inspiration from beaver dams, and the large windows will offer users a beautiful view of Ādisōke’s landscaping and the Gatineau Park hills.

Ādisōke visits can be just as fast- or slow-paced as you want them to be. Come in to relax or to pack all you can into a short visit, with the help of OPL’s friendly staff. They will have all the information you need, plus the perfect reading suggestions and library activity ideas for your visitor style. They can also help you get a library card—no need to wait until the official opening date in 2026!

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